The Step One Syllabus

The Curriculum has been designed for the all around development of the child, taking into account their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and sensorial abilities. Children learn in an eco-friendly environment in consonance with an innovative methodology specially evolved by us.The entire curriculum encompasses highly systematic and step-by-step procedures ensuring learning by doing.


Designed for only kids's of StepOne School

•Social skills like: learning basic Manners, Mixing up with other students and participating in activities.

•To develop pencil grip.

•To develop Pre writing skills by tracing the points.

•Learning through fun based activities like: water pool, puppet show, sand play activities.


Designed for only students of Step One School

•Mathematical Development: Alphabet Abacus.

•Language Development: Rhymes.

•Environmental Awareness: Fruits, Vegetables, Body Parts.

•Physical and Motor Development: Simple Puzzles, multi activities, sand play, water pool, Music& Dance, Games(tri-cycling, slides) under supervision and Fun activities(Puppet show).

•Creative Development: Clay modeling.

•Personal Social and Emotional Development: Dressing, Eating, Health, Grooming skills, Playing and getting along with other children, Yoga.


Designed for only students of Step One School

Mathematical development: Numbers recognition and Pre-writing skills(1 to 20), Oral(1-50), addition and subtraction (single digit).

•Language development:Alphabets recognition and Pre-writing skills(Aa to Zz), pronunciation, Rhymes & moral stories through Audio/Video classes.

•Environmental Awareness: Colors recognition, simple shapes, animals, birds, parts of body.

•Physical and motor development: Games and Sports, puzzles, sand play, water pool, Arts & Crafts, Music & Dance.

•Creative Development: Clay Modeling, Drawing, Yoga, Hands on Science experiments, Exploration.

•Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Good habits, Good manners,Yoga.


Designed for only students of Step One School

•Mathematical development: Numbers recognition and Pre-writing skills (1 to 100), addition and subtraction(double digits), greater/less.

•Language development: Alphabets oral and writing and Simple words making, rhyming words, match making, Rhymes, Prepositions(in,on,under,before,after).

•Environmental Awareness: Names of colors, Days, Months,Modes of Transport names, Sports names, water animals, flowers names, parts of tree, animals and their babies, animals and their uses, animals and their homes, animals and their foods, different professions, different senses, seasons, clock reading.

•Physical and motor development: Puzzles, Games and sports, Exploration and hands on science experiments, Basic computer skills.

•Creative Development: Clay modeling, music and dance, Drawing.

•Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Good habits, Good manners, safety rules, Yoga.


Designed for only students of Step One School

1.Has a sense of personal identity.

2. Developing awareness of own needs, views and feelings, and sensitive to the needs, views and feelings of others.

3. Understands when need are not immediately met.

4. Can describe self in positive terms and talk about abilities.

5. Shows compliance with social expectations.

6. Expresses frustration with words, not physically.

7. Respect and care for classroom environment and materials.

8. Begin to understand ’big voice’ and ’little voice’ (when it is appropriate to speak loudly and softly).


Designed for only students of Step One School.

1. Confident to try new activities, initiate ideas and speak in a familiar group.

2. Begin to develop respect for their own culture and belief and those of other people.

3. Forms friendships with other children.

4. Operates independently within the environment and show confidence in linking up with others for support and guidance.

5. Begin to develop etiquettes such as politeness, good manners.

6. Abide by rules.